Hybrid Orchestral
Combination of electronic and Orchestral instruments in a hybrid orchestral style
Genres: Action, Thriller, Epic
New Style, Synth
Suitable for games, trailers, ads, and films that look for a more electronic feel
Music for Ads, Podcasts
Short compositions in various styles with less complexity that offer a specific feel 
Use in: Ads, intros-outros, podcasts, etc.
These electroacoustic compositions showcase the possibility to create music from a non-musical audio source. In combination with any musical style, this genre can be a great compositional tool in a film.

''Music for the media has always been my passion. The most exciting part of it is that every project needs something different, something unique. From video trailers, to ads, to films and games, there is always something magic happening when music syncs and becomes one with the picture.''

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